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SQL queries with MySQL ★ understanding the difference between INNER and LEFT or RIGHT JOINs

So many times I have been asked for help with a query, where the question really comes down to the understanding of the difference between INNER and LEFT or RIGHT JOINs. I created this poster a few years ago and…Read more ›

This cheat sheet was designed with a more practical philosophy, so that designers who need a quick description of a property don’t need to open a browser.

Cheat sheets, in case you don't know, are pieces of information grouped and well organised in one single sheet to provide you an escape to those memory flaws we sometimes have.

An Overview of HTML5 Semantics by Michelle Lee on CodePen

An Overview of SemanticsWhat are semantics and why should we use them? What is divitis and why shouldn’t we use it? This post is meant to answer all these questions, and more.