Slovakia (new video HD)

See Slovakia, where the first story in the Sonlight Core C book, "Hidden Tales from Eastern Europe" takes place.

Somewhere in Slovakia. (2014, Matúš Lašan)

"Somewhere in Slovakia by Matúš Lašan ~ 3 min. View Full Screen with sound on. High/Low Tatra mountains, castles and much more!

Somewhere in Slovakia - 2. (Matúš Lašan)

"Somewhere in Slovakia: Part by Matus Lasan ~ Time Lapse beauty to music ~ min.

Somewhere in Slovakia - 1. (Matúš Lašan)

"Somewhere in Slovakia - (Matúš Lašan) ~ Time Lapse and music ~ Presov region ~ 2 min.

Zasnežená slovenská dedinka.

Winter wonderland in Slovakia

Časozberné video fotografky Dominiky Martincovej.

After years of timelapsing around the world, I somehow ended up at home and realized that there are never ending possibilities for breathtaking views and scenes.