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small purple and white flowers in a pot on top of gravel with dirt around them
three different types of succulent plants in pots
My Pinecone Pinguicula! (P. jaumavensis)
My Pinecone Pinguicula! (P. jaumavensis) : SavageGarden
a rock with plants growing out of it in a clear glass dish on a white background
ping rock by jessicaplantsplants on IG
a glass vase filled with plants on top of a wooden table
Inside a Terrarium, It’s Always Gardening Season (Published 2021)
How to Build a Terrarium, So It’s Always Gardening Season - The New York Times
small green plants are growing in the dirt and gravel, with little leaves on them
a large green flower sitting on top of a lush green field
small pink and white succulents growing on moss
Little pink delights! P. emarginata x jaumavensis #californiacarnivores #carnivorousplants #carnivoroustagram #nature #bacps by california_carnivores
a close up of a flower in a pot with moss on the ground next to a sign
phytopia: Pinguicula weser, a drosera. Medicinal, an antitussive used to treat chronic and convulsive coughs. The thick leaves are used for application to sores and chapped hands. Beautiful!
a large flower sitting on top of a pile of gravel
Pinguicula Leaf Pullings - Carnivorous Plant Resource
Pinguicula Leaf Pullings - Carnivorous Plant Resource
small green and yellow plants growing on the ground
Pinguicula jaumavensis