Infographic to sum up how to create a question in French

Complete guide: Ask questions in French

Jump music definition essay What is a Definition Essay? A definition essay is writing that explains what a term means. Some terms have definite, concrete meanings, such as glass, book, or tree.

Infographie sur l'accord du participe passé : j'accorde ou j'accorde pas ?

L'accord du participe passé en infographie

The Pronoun Subjects in French 1. Je : I There is no capital letter: je (only when it is the first word of the sentence) Je before a verb starting with

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The Pronoun Subjects in French Je : I There is no capital letter: je (only when it is the first word of the sentence) Je before a verb starting with. Not sure the meaning ofn"on" is clear enough but love the placement of it.

expressions de lieu - play a treasure hunt game where partners have to describe location to each other to get prize

French leaving cert essay topics 2012 General Introduction of the topic De nos jours. How to Structure A French Essay.

Using anchor charts that include images for students who have difficulty remembering the subtle differences in vocabulary is an effective strategy. The connection between the actual depiction of the vocabulary enables a visual learner to have a mental and physical connection in the French language classroom.

We used to have a song for "sur sous dans, devant derrière" in elementary school, complete with hand motions, and it helped with memorization ( i may or may not still use this song sometimes to jog my memory in high school french class)


There are 16 verbs in French that require être rather than avoir in the passé compose. Sometimes there is a passé. Passé uses être to talk about physically passing by something. These irregular verbs also must agree in gender and in number.



Para aprender las preposiciones / Pretty effective visual for teaching French prepositions with geographical names

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