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the spanish poem cloveka spolacinost is written in two languages
a sign that says coznamy with a bee and mushroom on the grass
a group of bees flying around a wooden sign with the words vittagate viridde vicielok on it
a card with bees and a beehive hanging from a tree branch in the grass
a place card with butterflies and daisies in the grass on a white background that says vitaj & skollke
a red and green plate with ladybugs on it, says vitaj v skolee
a sign that says vitaj v skollke with toys around it and stars in the background
a child's poem with an image of children on it
Vitaj škôlkar
Vitaj škôlkar - ZiarskeSkolky.sk
a sticker with an image of a squirrel holding a basket full of autumn leaves
a drawing of a mushroom house with a snail on top
Best 10 disegni, idee e lavoretti per la scuola dell’infanzia… e non solo
disegni, idee e lavoretti per la scuola dell'infanzia... e non solo