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a bunch of jewelry is laying on the ground next to a sheet of brown paper
Still life photography with jewellery by
Still life photography with jewellery by | Frederik Vercruysse photographer
two bottles of perfume sitting on top of a bed next to a wooden tree branch
[CUTANE쿠텐니]쿠텐니 블랙 트러플 트리트먼트 에센스 & 마이크로 크림
an arrangement of dried flowers and fabric on a white background
Studio Testo
'From the Sea': Beautiful arrangement of colours and objects by this amazing duo of female set designers behind @studiotesto — Giulia Dolci and Giulia Fauro Alessi 32 and 29yo (b. 1985 and 1989) Milan-based set designers and founder of @studiotesto
a sculpture is sitting on top of a white block and looks up at the sky
still life — Tom Hartford
still life — Tom Hartford
a table topped with plates and bowls filled with fruit next to a glass of wine
Chad Wys Blog: Photo
Horst P. Horst - Still life, Oyster Bay, Long Island, 1950 Dye transfer print, printed later (59.4 × 46.3 cm)
an arrangement of vases and teapots on a table with a piece of paper
Zara Home South Africa | Official website
Zara Home
two brown vases sitting next to each other on top of a paper covered surface
Ridge Vase | Sculptural design
Ridge Vase Lifestyle Image
a bottle of yellow liquid sitting on top of a white cloth covered bed next to a twig
Desert Concept Cosmetic
Desert Concept Cosmetic on Behance
the bottle is next to some rocks and two small yellow balls on top of it
수분, 채우지 말고 지켜라
품평단 | 얼루어 코리아 (Allure Korea) - Part 15
an image of a book cover with food on the top and in the bottom corner
Natasha Poly Goes Wild for Isabel Marant's Spring Campaign
An image from Isabel Marant's spring 2015 campaign. Photo: Isabel Marant
an apple and cheese sandwich sitting on a cutting board next to two slices of fruit
TRENDBOOK Forecasting the Future of Design
Food and drink trends can change attitudes towards health, community and the environment.
an assortment of items sitting on top of a white table next to a wine glass
Zara Home United States of America | Official website
Home Decor | Zara Home New Collection
a vase filled with flowers next to a sheer curtain
8 perfumes que te acercarán al verano - L'BEAUTÉ
8 perfumes que te acercarán al verano - L´BEAUTÉ