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The fallen by Tumblr:

Dean and Castiel, Supernatural. Made for Corinna, who won the SPN Art Auction held by Supernatural Committee USA [link]. (obviously inspired by season The fallen

All the fandom feels

It’s easier to say you’re antisocial… Ugh, this hurt my heart. Oh the feels! Sherlock Holmes, Loki, Dean Winchester and The Doctor SuperWhoLock and Avengers

Dean Winchester

Someone with that much blood on their face shouldn't be so dreamy. Welcome to Supernatural.Wendigo episode,Misha Collins, Jared Padalecki, and Jensen Ackles -- I just really love all three of these dorks the TV Show Supernatural Cas, Sam Winchester & Dean

SPN fandom, you rock!

The girl is to religious but the removing Good thing is kinda sad for me. This was kinda mean but I guess the girl deserved it for being too religious. I'm a Christian, but I would've fangirled about SPN w the person :)