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a deer with birds sitting on it's back in the middle of a field
the art of slow living
Deer & Birds
there are two goats and one goat that is hugging each other in the same photo
ANIMAUX : tendresse animale
❧ animals of our forests, gardens, and fields ❧
a man pushing a wheelbarrow filled with monkeys
A Wheelbarrow Full Of Baby Orangutans Is EXACTLY As Cute As It Sounds.
Rescued young Orangutans
a woman hugging a white tiger in front of a black and white photo with the words, she is his heart he is her armor
Gaetano Pazzella
three monkeys are huddled together and the caption says, all animals have family stop separating families
a polar bear swimming in the water with it's paws up to its chest
a small brown cat sitting on top of a white couch
Superb Views
Captain Cat
a deer with a bird on it's back and a quote from charles burns
“I tried to discover, in the rumor of forests and waves, words that other men could not hear, and I pricked up my ears to listen to the revelation of their harmony." - Gustave Flaubert, November via Besotted
two baby elephants are playing in a bowl
having fun ...
a gray rabbit wearing a flower crown on its head
a baby fox cuddles with its mother in an apple tree surrounded by berries
sleepy fox and baby bunny