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Skladací odkvapkávač MultiDrip™
a red heart shaped sculpture sitting on top of a white table
Martin Foret - designér
a white wall with copper wire art hanging on it's side and the text, $ 59 99
Prisma Wall Decor Set
Prisma Wall Decor Set
an image of some type of art that is in different positions and sizes, including lines
Origami Animal Umbrella Stands - If It's Hip, It's Here
Umbrella stands and bookends shaped like origami animals.
a white vase sitting on top of a table
Antonino | Serax
a piece of art made out of metal wire and paper with keys attached to it
Dot & Bo – Furniture and Décor for the Modern Lifestyle
Letter Organizer Bear for Wall or Desk
three planters with plants on them are in front of a window and a rug
Rebecca & Bruce Meissner - Our Gathered Home
the Meissners
a metal shelf with chess pieces on it and two chairs sitting in front of it
Week of February 2, 2015 - Sight Unseen
Edgar Orlaineta created this Sottsass-inspired piece
a rack with different colored fabrics hanging from it's sides on a purple wall
Citta Design | Winter 2015 Preview
T.D.C | Citta Design Winter 2015 Preview
two pictures of a child playing on a bed with a birdcage hanging from the ceiling
cool lights
a black and white photo of a light hanging from a wire with wires coming out of it
Ode to Things - lalatomtom: (via Pin by Sheila Joubert on Black...
a small purple table sitting on top of a white floor
A Set of Tables Inspired by Rock Formations
Rock Metal by by Antoine Morris
a black and white photo of a wire sculpture
Art Sculpture of Geometric Human Body Shapes by Antony Gormley
two white planters sitting next to each other on top of a table with plants in them