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there is a wall with pictures on it in the lobby at an office building that has been decorated with palm leaves
Galeria de Escritório Winnin Desenvolvimento de Software / Nop Arquitetura - 10
an office with brightly colored walls and chairs in the center, surrounded by partitions
Gentera Innovation Lab Offices - Mexico City | Office Snapshots
there are many different tables and chairs in this office building that have been designed to look like legos
Putting the Fun into Conference: Five fun meeting room tables - Spaceist Blog
a red wall with boxing gloves hanging from it's hooks and punching mitts
Merchants - iiNet's Cape Town Call Centre Offices | Office Snapshots
a room with paintings on the wall and a wooden table
Meeting Rooms for Creative Quarter Unit 1
a yellow car is parked in the middle of an office with artificial grass and swings
Google Mexico / SPACE
an office with glass walls and chairs in the middle, looking out to the outside
an office filled with lots of furniture and green carpet
Red Bull Offices - Mexico City | Office Snapshots