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This missing sock holder. | 33 Harry Potter Gifts Only A True Fan Will Appreciate

I'm really upset because homework is taking forever for me to do these days and I'm not on here as much as I was before. I want summer back...

Vintage Oxford Mid Heel Shoes- normally I don't care for oxfords because they look to masculine but these are actually quite feminine looking!-JB

Kettukarkki - this could be an interesting way to display jewelry at an art show...

Alluring Female Colored Pencil Portraits by Jennifer Healy - via My Modern Metropolis

Disneys Frozen, wow I love this drawing...even for just being a drawing, wish I could do that

Artist is Nary or Norry Thach - can't quite make it out. Awesome artwork!

This picture is pure perfection. Iggy Azalea & Lana Del Rey. I'm slightly obsessed with these two.

Ms. Iggy Azalea ...XoXo don't know why..but I love her!

See! It's this look-like nothing in life bothers her-like life is so fun and happy it just completely consumes the bad. So naturally gorgeous:)