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the contents of a red and white package are arranged in four different rows, including one with
First aid kit for broken hearts, from Melanie Chernock.
a woman's face is covered with plastic wrap and advertises the company
SHSadler's Fresh Meat assesses the line between “what is beautiful and what is ugly”
four candies wrapped in plastic on a pink surface
Only The Truly Strong Will Make It Through This Post Of 22 Weird Ass Photos
a black plastic bag hanging on a wall with the words stop wasteing life above it
FATH: Lungs, Liver, Heart • Ads of the World™ | Part of The Clio Network
an esc button on a blue background
Weird and Wonderful Digital Art from a Millennial POV
a bottle of positive thinking liquid on a white background
positive thoughts
a couple of people sitting on top of a remote control with the words friends above them
Editorial illustration for Australian House & Garden Magazine, December 2015 issue. Ties that bind – An annual get-together is great, but maintaining a connection year-round has physical as well as emotional benefits