A Break from Holo by Prinny77

A girl taking a break from a kigurumi cosplay of Holo. Art by , also reuploaded because the artist closed their account. A Break from Holo

Transparent Intentions by Prinny77

Her disguise as a Mithra was foolproof. and then she went on an ill-fated trip to the hot beach. (This is a version of a previous commission that was .

Mithra Mask by Prinny77

Mithra Mask by

Publicity Stunt by Prinny77

When they said I had to work the convention booth as Ahri, I didn't think they meant having to wear this suit!

Out-Foxed by Prinny77


After the Hunt (Reupload) by Prinny77

Art by Reupload due to artist's gallery cleanup. After the Hunt (Reupload)

Ahri Breaktime (Reupload) by Prinny77

Ahri Breaktime (Reupload) by

A Lamb of a Time by Prinny77

This suit comes with a SURPRISE! Removing it may also be somewhat difficult. Erika and Maho are from Girls und Panzer. Such an adorable anime! Needs a second season ASAP.

Gunner Girl by Prinny77

The only thing harder than being a gunner, is cosplaying as one! Drawn by Gunner Girl