George Fethers scientific drawing - REVAMP CONCEPT

Collection by Phyl lakis

Homestead Survival - Pine Trees - Different Ways To Use Them As A Food Source . Learned about the pine needle tea from Dave on dual survival:) very cool.

Pinus nigra, Pinus strobus, Pinus cembra (Swiss...

pine trees-Use: The needles can be eaten year-round. The young shoots can be eaten as candy when stripped of the needles, peeled, boiled until tender, and then simmered for 20-30 minutes in a sugary syrup....pine cones-Use: Pine nuts can be eaten raw or baked into a casserole.

abstract printmaking tiefgang // theforbiddencolors: by Anne Moore Abstract Art Painting, Art Painting, Abstract Artists, Encaustic Art, Abstract Painting, Painting, Abstract Art, Collage Art, Abstract

Anne Moore - Printmaker

-Anne Moore I love this print, it something I think I'd like to have up on my bedroom wall. It's the kind of artwork I expect to see in a coffee shop, the colours are warm and inviting. The text makes it look old and and delicate. The patches of grey among the browns and creams make it look worn, vintage. I just love how it all comes together.

Illustration friday: multiple in 2019 seed pods drawings, se

Illustration Friday: MULTIPLE

Multiple seed-bearing pods. Watercolor on paper made fresh for today Illustration Friday. We're going on a little trip to beautiful San Miguel de Allende for a wedding this weekend. I'll be back on Monday with some photos to share :) Have a lovely weekend friends, thanks for stopping by.

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halftone paper texture -  Nanamee


halftone paper texture - Nanamee

I am an artist and botanical illustrator working in watercolour, graphite, ink and embroidery. Botanical Drawings, Plant Painting, Botanical Art, Botanical Prints, Painting, Protea Art, Watercolor Flowers, Art, Botanical Watercolor


BRIGID EDWARDS Protea 1. 2000, watercolour on vellum 38.1 x 30.5 cm

Adele Sypesteyn, “Bouncing Light”, mixed media on panel Contemporary Paintings, Modern Art Paintings Abstract, Encaustic Art, Abstract Painting, Painting, Abstract Art, Collage Art, Abstract, Contemporary Art

art journal - expression through abstraction

Adele Sypesteyn, "Bouncing Light", mixed media on panel

Protea is the national flower of South Africa. There are many different species of this amazing flower that grows in the Cape of Good Hope, South Africa. Botanical Painting, Asian Art, Drawing And Illustration, Botanical Art, Botanical Prints, Scientific Illustration, Protea Art, Beautiful Art, Floral Watercolor

Protea is the national flower of South Africa. There are many different species of this amazing flower that grows in the Cape of Good Hope, South Africa.

Port Jackson Painter ~ Watercolour, - 1797 ~ There are around

The Library and Archives collection | Natural History Museum

Port Jackson Painter ~ Watercolour, c1788 - 1797 ~ There are around 70 Australian species in the genus Banksia – named after Joseph Banks, the eminent naturalist. Banks had sailed to Australia with James Cook on the HMS Endeavour voyage (1770), and brought many plants back to Britain. Notes on the drawing record that it was made in January, and shows the flower at life size.

Banksia Victoriae from Rare Lithographs of Macrozamia, Bowenia, Banksia by W.

Banksia victoriæ illustration

Heart-Leaved Protea from 1815 Curtis Botanical Magazine Red, Orange Highly Decorative Prints


Curtis's botanical magazine.. London ;New York [etc.] :Academic Press [etc.].

B-sides - Glen Skien Botanicals 2006 Etching Art Photography, Botanical Art, Encaustic Art, Botanical Illustration, Floral Art, Nature Art, Art, Woodcut, Etching

Epiplectic Pencil - iamjapanese: Glen Skien Botanicals  2006 ...

Glen Skien/ Botanicals 2006

Botanical Print By Sir William Jackson Hooker Drawing by Quint Lox

Banksia speciosa illustration - circa 1831

Protea longifolia 'Long-Leaf Sugarbush' 1919 Art Print by Esoteric Botanica - X-Small


Curtis's botanical magazine.. London ; New York [etc.] :Academic Press [etc.].