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a person holding a blue and pink object in their hands
macrame tumbler holder/ bottle holder
a white lanyard with a metal hook and two keys attached to the lanyard
small felt food items are arranged on a plate
Felt Toys
an image of a black and white piece of cloth with a yellow flower on it
Panatomy No. 61 by Mutsu
📍Brooklyn Charm in Greenpoint, Brooklyn!
DIY personalized jewelry
How To Make A Giant Taylor Swift Friendship Bracelet for your Party or Home Decor
there is a sign that says home is where the heart is hanging from the ceiling
DIY Jumbo Friendship Bracelet Garland❤️💕🧡
Valentines Day Taylor Swift-inspired garland
a person holding up a colorful letter made out of buttons and flowers in front of a couch
DIY Mini Flower Light Switch