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Кулон Ромашка Украшения ручной работы из полимерной глины
It is classy and will definitely stand you out from the crowd. #streetfashion #ukfashion #trendyfashion #trendyjewelry #giftforhim
Indulge in the exquisite beauty of this elegant gold diamond bracelet. Crafted with utmost precision and unparalleled craftsmanship, this stunning piece is a true testament to luxury and sophistication.

Wedding Jewelry

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The Center Stone is a Gorgeous 2 carat natural Ceylon Blue Sapphire, Ethically mined from Sri Lanka, measures 7.5 x 6.6 mm. The sapphire has gorgeous blue color super clean.

Rings -Rose Gold

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This gorgeous necklace is created as a one-of-a-kind piece with no duplicates, so when you purchase this product you can be sure that you will own a unique piece of jewelry.
Крупные серьги ручной работы Осенние серьги из полимерной глины
#wristband #leathercuff #wristcuff #braceletcuff

Boho Gypsy style

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Fashion Accessories

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Handmade item Ships from a small business in Turkey Length: 2 Inches; Width: 1 Inches Materials: polymer clay, 925 sterling silver Location: Earlobe Closure: Push back Style: Boho & hippie


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Серьги Кофейные Серьги гвоздики ручной работы Уникальный подарок для девушки
Too many mens fashion Jewelry? No such thing! This long pendant necklace is the perfect gift or a small treat for yourself Grab your necklace from my shop.
Enhance your style and express your edge with this striking African pendant. Crafted with exquisite detail, this statement long necklace is perfect for adding the finishing touch to any fashion ensemble. Show off your individual flair with this unique piece of jewelry! #MensJewelry #PinterAccessories #FashionJewelry #JewelryAddict #MensStyle #MensFashion #PinterStyle #JewelryLovers #MensAccessories #StyleAccessories #PinterFashion #JewelryGift #PinterJewelry #JewelryTrends #MensJewelryTrends

Native American

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925 Sterling Silver oval blue ring with turquoise stone, Turkish Silver Jewelry for Women, oriental Mardin handicrafts, perfect gift for women Ring dimensions: Stone size: 13 x 17 mm Adjustable size. Material: 925 sterling silver, synthetic turquoise stone. Nickel free. Original Turkish product. Handmade. IN OUR SHOP YOU CAN ALSO FIND EARRINGS and PENDANT TO COMPLETE THE SET.
Inspired by nature and the olive trees, this ring features an leaf on one side and natural raw mosaic turquoise on the other. A perfect and unique addition to botanical jewelry lovers’ look! Boho Artisan Jewelry, Sterling Silver Ring, Oak Leaves Ring, Maple Leaf Ring, Tree Branch Ring, Adjustable Ring, Olive Leaf Ring, Mosaic Turquoise, Natural Stone Ring, Blue Gemstone Ring, December Birthstone, Botanical Jewelry, Unique Gift for Her
This beautiful ring is features a teardrop shaped raw natural ruby. It has a minimalist and traditional design that will add a precious touch to all your outfits. The ruby is believed to bring happiness and passion into ones life. This is why it makes the perfect gift for a loved one on Valentine’s Day or an anniversary. Vintage Style Gold Adjustable Ring, Sterling Silver Stacking Ring, Roman Art Greek Ring, Teardrop Shaped Raw Gemstone Ring, Pear Cut Natural Ruby Ring July Birthstone Ring

Rings - Silver

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Handmade earrings

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Handmade item Dispatches from a small business in United Kingdom Materials: Silver Closure: Spring ring Adjustable length Style: Minimalist Can be personalised Made to Order #valentinesday #giftforher #silvernecklace #chainnecklace #trendynecklace
Handmade item Dispatches from a small business in United Kingdom Materials: Silver Closure: Spring ring Adjustable length Style: Minimalist Can be personalised Made to Order

mens wedding ring

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moissanite rings

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6 fairy tale brooches with bookish theme: hands of Ophelia from Hamlet by William Shakespeare, hands of Dorothy from Wizard of Oz, Poppy flower (The symbol of death from Hamlet and the symbol of dream from Wizard of Oz) and Mouth of Dorothy.
Длинные серьги и кулон на цепочке Морской берег


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"Extra Long Leather Necklace"


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Handmade item Dispatches from a small business in United Kingdom Materials: Silver Closure: Spring ring Adjustable length Style: Minimalist Can be personalised Made to Order
Брошь-булавка Собака Акита оригами Газетный принт Украшения ручной работы полимерная глина
Пудель брошь булавка Собака оригами Газетный принт Брошка в подарок Идея для подарка

Origami jewelry

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Introducing the Lion Necklace - the perfect symbol of strength and courage for any Leo or fan of astrology jewelry. Made with carefully crafted African tribal designs, this necklace is the perfect way to add boldness and style to any look. #MensJewelry #PinterAccessories #FashionJewelry #JewelryAddict #MensStyle #MensFashion #PinterStyle #MensjewelryAccessories #JewelryLovers #MensAccessories #StyleAccessories #PinterFashion #JewelryGift #MensJewelryStyle #MensFashionAccessory #PinterJewelry
Show your strength with our unique African-inspired lion necklace! This one-of-a-kind tribal jewelry is perfect for any man looking to make a statement. Get your lion necklace today and become the king of the jungle! #mennecklace #Statementnecklace #masculinenecklace #mensnecklace #mensjewelry #jewejryformen #menaccesories #menfashion #menstyle #africannecklace #africanjewelry #lionnecklace #leonecklace #astrologynecklace


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"Leather Bracelet Cuff with Pearl"
#largecuff #leathercuff #cuffsets #setscuff #blackcuff #handmadeleather

ALL Bracelets

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Pearl drop earrings dangle, Handmade freshwater natural pearl earrings, 18k gold plated pearl, Bridesmaid gift, Minimalist gift for her #bridalearrings #weddingearrings #bohowedding #daintyearrings #longearrings #pearljewelry #bridesmaidearrings #bohobride
Gold Geometric Disc Earrings Statement Earrings For Women Gift Box Included Large Bold Disc Earrings Free Shipping ✈️ Click the link in bio to grab yours. #BrilliantBijou #statementearrings #holidayearrings #christmas #giftidea #uniqueearrings #goldgeometric #DiscEarrings #earrings #StatementEarrings #women #womenfashion #shop #onlineshopping


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singles' Day always falls on Nov. 11 because the date 11/11 represents four ones, or four singles, standing together. The name literally translates as "single sticks holiday.you can use our promo code:SINGLE40 for 40% sale.
This chain bracelet is smashing. Can be worn daily with any kind of outfit. #menfashion #giftforhim #jewelrydesigners #birthdayshower #cutebracelet

Everything You Need to Know about Baroque Pearl

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This 6 High Energy Natural Gemstone 24K Gold 999 Silver Neodymium Magnet ring is hand-crafted from 925 Sterling Silver 18K White Gold Plated. The magnetic field energy is equivalent to 2 times the earth's magnetism 25 to 65 μT (microtesla) and enhances the vibration and frequency of the minerals/crystals and fine metals used. The ORGONE mix follows the studies of the Austrian physician and psychoanalyst Wilhelm Reich on orgone therapy, which led to the concept of a Universal Life Force.

Elle-2022 Spring Trend about Pearl

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Vogue-2022 Spring Trend about Pearl

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Necklace Pendant Greek Cross Crystals Plated Gold 14 Carats | Cross Pendant Diamond Cross Slide Pendant Stacking Diamond Cross Heirloom Gift by UmbrellaJewels on Etsy


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A beautiful red coral and freshwater pearl ring with a modern design. Very versatile, comfortable and chic, this ring will add a precious touch to your outfits. Coral has been used in jewelry for thousands of years and there have been many beliefs to its positive attributes. It has always been thought to have the power to protect the wearer against evil. Hammered Sterling Silver Ring, 14K Gold Plated Adjustable Ring, Baroque Freshwater Pearl and Red Coral Ring, Aries March Birthstone Ring


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#longnecklace #largenecklace #widebracelet
Ожерелье Ромбы Украшения ручной работы из полимерной глины Подарок на Новый год

Pearl - Necklace

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Black Tourmaline, Bloodstone, Red Obsidian, Purple Fluorite, Blue Kyanite, Neodymium Magnets, 24K Gold, 999 Silver, Secret Component. Magnetic induction simply by moving the ring in the Earth's magnetic field is charging the crystals. https://www.erlinghagendesign.com


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