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Part 7

Based on ‘s fanfiction Doing That Thing You Do, the next fanfic of That Thing You Do.

Hi, I'm Tanya! Birthday on January 21 years. I spread my drawings here. I love pairing.

This is probably the most accurate description ever, but he looked like a sailer and he's hot enough to be Leonardo......JACK AND ROSE!!!!! (No death edition of course..*ahem ahem*..and Jack changed his last name to Dawson)

Not a big Jelsa fan (it's like meh to me), but this pilot Jack & flight attendant Elsa is awesome!

Outfit Adoptable 01 -CLOSED- by UnstoppableQueen on DeviantArt

The theme for this batch is 'Prom'! I was suddenly hit with inspiration for these two designs in the middle of school today, haha xD I've been wanting to design prom dresses for some time now since.

My One and Only Maid (NaLu Fan fiction) od Moonlight0211

My One and Only Maid (NaLu Fan fiction) od