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A locker hooking project

A locker hooking project Cream, lavender, & sage. I'm wondering about using this technique to use up some of my felt scraps.

Farmgirl Musings...: Learning to Locker Hook!

Use muslin. Also has a good tip on where to go for a book on learning Hooking.: Learning to Locker Hook!

Awesome "how to do locker hooking" slide show!

Awesome "how to do locker hooking" slide show! -I love locker hooking!

How To Do Locker-Hooking so i do not lose it.

My girlfriend's mom who is very crafty and from the surrounding Madison area is going to show you how to do the old fashion "locker-hooking.

Locker Hooked Aqua Squares Rug in wool roving, Color Crazy fabric strips, silk--by Theresa Pulido

Locker hooking squares for a rug. Stitched together by wrapping edges.

Locker hooking. Never heard of this. Looks cool!

Locker hooking needles have an eye at one end and a hook at the other and are used in the art of rug making. The hook pulls up loops of yarn which are then locked with a thread which is threaded through the eye.

Rag Rug Instructions (No-Sewing!)--Little House in the Suburbs

No sew braided rag rug- one commenter says make it out of dollar store plastic tablecloth strips and use outside.

Locker Hooking the Confetti Tote Bag - YouTube

Tips and techniques for locker hooking the Color Crazy Confetti Tote Bag.

Locker-Hook-Coaster with decorative tile center piece -how to with tutorial. This DIY video really explains the method very nicely.

Locker Hook Tutorial: Let’s Hook And Lock The Loops! Locker Hook Tutorial: Basic Preparation I fell in love with hook locking after I bought the book Hook, Loop ‘n’ Lock: Create Fun and Easy Locker Hooked Projects writ.

weekend hooking….

Rebecca Lindquist - The Simple Quiet - working on a very large hooked rug, with torn strips. Such wonderful soft colors!

Rug hooking with a locker hook - great use for old clothing, memory rugs, etc. Extremely durable when complete.

This links through to a set of instructions for Locker Rug Hooking - this dates from 2007 but I'm only just discovering!