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Conservatory Blinds - think the Gable would be a perfect add on to the den, or perhaps the P-shape flipped

conservatory addition on an english farmhouse

The conservatory addition on an english farmhouse is where British people spend the summer days. Afternoon tea is always served in the Conservatory.

Conservatory styles.  Thinking the P shaped would be good, could have living space in part and greenhouse in part, or maybe two Edwardian, one connected to the house, one separate but easy to get to, for greenhouse.

Elglaze prides itself for being able to supply a conservatory to fit any awkward situation. We offer conservatory styles in various shapes to suit all budgets and tastes.

Sunroom  :)

Mediterranean-Inspired Courtyards

Four Seasons Sunroom (this would make a great studio. inspiration from the seasons, the wee creatures & birds. When you need a break, cup of tea or glass of wine and sit back and look into the back yard, I would have lots of flowers.

She Shed.  Shedquarters.  Shed quarters.  Reading Shed.  Craft Shed.  Bolt Hole.

Have you heard of "She Sheds"