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The tragedy. I love playing hymns on the piano, but I don't have the voice to accompany them.

I can know all of the lyrics but I can't remember the name of the song...

If anyone knows how I can make money with this please tell me because I'm serious - I'm good at this and making terrible puns.

There's this wit who looked like a terrorist in the background of one. A woman picking a wedgie was in another.

I got to drive on the highway for the first time today yay << lol this random comment tho XD congrats my friend


last night my friend literally ordered hashbrowns and french fries for dinner and she didn't even realize that she ordered two different kinds of potatoes (Potato Overlord): we're happy to make you happy!

guys are just as bad if not worse than girls when it comes to shoes<< fücking true that

"These shoes rule. these shoes SUCK!" I had literally one pair of shoes for three full years!

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Eats snack while looking for better snack. Me: *grabs box of cheezits* *eats *puts box down and grabs chips*