How to draw a horse:

Allan tells you how to make this course a horse according to your imagination. How to draw a horse - lesson in 10 steps

Part 1 here, more technical: I made all these drawing from imagination. But I have been looking at horses for a long time and I look at them every day from life. If you want to get g...

made another mini tutorial about the basics of a horse head,i also will make a more detailed tutorials of the ears, mouth, nose, eye& etc. hope its usefull

Horse Pose Tutorial by Abiadura on deviantART Art Ed Central

A horse pose tutorial! The other day ~Trithani suggested that I should make one, and yesterday for no reason at all my interwebs went out (it just got fixed this evening) so I was drawing a re.

This was requested of me yesterday, so I hurried and drew one up. Keep in mind that this is just a basic, straight-on eye, and not every horse you draw will have their eye at this angle, with this ...

here it is: my first "How to Draw" tutorial. I hope I've explained things well, and that someon. How to Draw: Standing Horse

How to draw a Horse in Harness by sketcherjak on DeviantArt

Due to popular demand. Thanks for the kind words and questions, you horse nutters, you. Can be found in smaller, printable chunks here at htdhorses. How to draw a Horse in Harness

Cat Girl Step by Step Tutorial by ~markcrilley

Sorry it's be aaaaaaaaages since I posted anything to DA. Crazy deadlines & a busy speaking schedule are my excuse. Cat Girl Step by Step Tutorial

examples of lips - March 4th by ~Khantinka on deviantART

Lips examples Artwork by Khantinka. I need to keep these in mind for my next portrait drawing lips are always a nightmare for me.