Shinning and Stunning

Inspired By: Pink

I know how hard it is to take pictures of bubbles, so I really admire this photographer because he captured a really great image of them! I really like the pink hues in this photo and how the bubbles are lined with a rainbow of colors!

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"Sometimes I just feel like a grey cloud surrounded by color. I want to be in the color, but every time I try to get there, it moves away.What is life?

flowers, beauty, field, daisy, weeds, hippy, pattern, vibe, inspiration.

Stand in a field of flowers in a summer dress and feel the earth beneath your feet

silencing the mind.. Happy Place

Trough the window of my soul I see you each instant ,always present in my life really and now more that never!

Catching fireflies in a jar ... we called the "lightning bugs" and I can remember darting after the elusive flashes of light and being delighted when I coaxed a few into a mason jar. The trick is to move slowly, once you find them, and ease the jar AROUND them before sliding the lid in place ...

theres something so lovely about a mason jar! this pic looks like fireflies. someone tell me where to find fireflies, being a northwestern I havent ever seen them. Its on my bucket list. to see fireflies. and catch em.