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Retezovy dopis

Retezovy dopis

I think it's so sweet!❤ It's hard to hug Loki, but it isn't impossible

This is very true >>>> "I find it ironic that crazy Loki fangirls think all he needs is a hug, when in the Avengers movie he scoffs at sentiment.yet, I continue to be a crazy Loki fangirl who would gladly give him a hug:) "

This took me like 25 minutes to read BUT IT'S LOKI SO IT'S WORTH IT!!>>>dude 25minuutes really?! It took me 10 tops

I'd always thought Loki was brainwashed. I repeat: Loki is not a villain in the MCU. <<<This makes a lot more sense than my headcannon did.


LOKI'D<---No. The real reason I loved the Avengers is because it was an awesome movie. Love ya, Loki, but you ain't the reason I loved the movie.


66 funny pictures - I mean, hes the god of mischief, Thor, what did you expect. Had to pin this again for the comment and because its just so darn funny and I do it to my friends all the time!


Avengers would have been a lot shorter if Odin had sent Frigga instead of Thor. I admit I would love to have seen Loki get pulled back to Asgard by an ear.<==I would've loved it much more than the actual Avengers movie

I’m sorry humans I know.... it’s just so funny.

saeqimo: “ mechinism: “ brothasoul: “ can we all just take a minute to imagine steve rogers’ face the first time he heard someone say “motherfucker” casually ” ” This gets me every time Thor’s.

Check out the one shot "A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Thor's Hammer," and you'll see why Agent Coulson's vocabulary is true.

Avengerous Vocabulary

Avengerous vocabulary of doom - Funny explanation of the vocabulary of normal person, Tony Stark, Loki and Agent Coulson.---- Loki's possible ally is a cat?

Comparisons between Loki and Moses

On a scale of Moses to Loki, how well do you handle being adopted? Comparisons between The Prince of Egypt and Loki from Thor.

The reason why Tom Hiddleston is so kind

Funny pics, memes and trending stories

It all makes sense now!Superhero origin of tom hiddleston's extraordinary kindness! I knew kindness like that wasn't natural.