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Actually green lantern protects more area in space than Jedi. And doctor who saves timelines only on earth so technically he would be after super man. But then again technically he protects the same amount as green lantern because there are infinite amounts of timelines. (if I said anything about doctor who that's incorrect it is because the show was too boring so I never bothered watching it.)
Nebula of Stars and Colorful Gas - Long, Tall, Vertical Pins
We are larger than life, changes the whole perspective of the world, and from a bigger view.
The Pistol Star ~Saved by Peter Vandebeurie
Eyescapes --- Mind=Blown...Interesting to note though...The colors we see are a construct of seeing the images with near infared, and ultraviolet light what you are seeing may be unable to be detected By the human eye...
Nebula clouds #iPhone #5s #Wallpaper| stunning clouds wallpaper takes you to another world.