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Lots of useful information from this Craftsy printout.

pre-cut fabric measurements & quilt sizes for all beds as well as description for abbreviations commonly used.

What is a fat quarter? What is a fat eighth? Fabric cuts size guide.

What is a Fat Quarter – Quilting Fabric Sizes - FREE Printable Chart

What is a fat quarter? What is a fat eighth? Yard, charm pack, jelly roll, fat eighth, in inches explained

A chart for piecing standard width fabrics for comforters to avoid a center seam. This is great so I don't have to calculate it myself any more!

Quilt backing. Here is a terrific chart to guide you with your quilt backing. Quick-look chart to piece quilt backings without a center seam.

Ideas for Backing a Quilt: #LetsQuilt by cathleen

Ideas for Backing a Quilt: is free to all, by request, and is sent via email attachment. Request the free Collection of Ideas for Backing a Quilt file

Number of different size squares from different cut sizes of fabric

Whether you’re a new or an experienced quilter, this cheat sheet that we recently found at Pink Petal Quilts can be a very helpful reference for you. It features charts that cover triangle and square quilt cutting, as well as.

Attaching the Quilt As You Go Blocks Together ... I NEED this tute SO badly!.

Attaching the Quilt As You Go Blocks Together ... I NEED this tute SO badly!.

Poster on why quilts cost so much...I would love to credit author but have been unable to find source

Why do quilts cost so much? Saw this on FB and needed to save it. Cost of a square quilt being when buying fabric at and valuing your time at Homemade quilts are a wonderful expression of generosity from their maker.

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Half Squared Triangle Cutting Chart

Pink Petal Quilts: Quilt Charts --- two more charts on the page . quilt size and square cutting chart (how many squares can you get out of a measurement of fabric).