Marion Fayolle

French illustrator Marion Fayolle draws cartoon characters as erotic and sexual porn stars, while keeping the charm and naivety of a children's book

Art by Olaf Hajek

Illustration by German-born artist, illustrator & designer Olaf Hajek for the "Montblanc Anniversary Magazine" & the Montblanc de la Culture Arts Patronage Award. via the artist's site (Beauty Art Inspiration)

Isabelle Feliu fashion illustration

Fabulous Fashion Illustrations That Redefine the 'Ideal Body Type'

Inspired by artists like Matisse, Isabelle Feliu puts a contemporary spin on fashion illustrations. Through it, she redefines the ideal body type.

cécile dormeau ilustração

O universo feminino ilustrado de maneira real e divertida por Cécile Dormeau

French illustrator Cécile Dormeau has created a series of illustrations that highlight the body images of women today. Using bold lines and vibrant colors, she creates fun drawings and GIFs that po…

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