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One of the oldest computers . with a memory of 5 KB. history-of-computer

Harwell's 1951 model called The WITCH was short for Wolverhampton Instrument for Teaching Computing.

13 Absurdly Massive Early Computers

Harwell's 1951 model called The WITCH was short for Wolverhampton Instrument for Teaching Computing.

Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs

Apple Computer: Evolution of Design ( Macintosh /Steve Jobs / Steve Wozniak / First Apple / Apple 1 / Apple 2 / Macintosh / iMac ( retro - intage computer - computer history )

ENIAC Set of Vacuum Tubes, 1946

ENIAC Set of Vacuum Tubes, 1946

Historic 1950s IBM  Mainframe Computer Pluggable Unit With Vacuum Tubes     #1 #IBM

Historic IBM Mainframe Computer Pluggable Unit With Vacuum Tubes

While working on his doctorate thesis in human centered computing at the University of Cambridge Alexander Sandy Douglas he created the "very first applications of true artificial intelligence." With Cambridge being the home of the Electronic Delay Storage Automatic Calculator (EDSAC) in 1952 Douglas was able to create a program a code which read off Punched Tape (a strip of paper with holes in it) for an electronic game of Tic-Tac-Toe. But this game is often overlooked for its advancements.

OXO aka Noughts and Crosses - The First Video Game

or Pong, but the graphics based computer game OXO predates them.



Edvac: fue entregada al laboratorio militar en agosto de 1949 La EDVAC poseía físicamente casi 6000 válvula termoiónica y 12 000 diodos. Consumía 56 kilowatts de potencia. Cubría 45,5 m² de superficie y pesaba 7850 kg

the EDVAC computer, invented by John von Neumann, 1945

EDSAC was the first practical stored-program computer created in It was presented in Cambridge University. A library of programs called subroutines was established. These subroutines stored on punched paper tapes.


55 Vintage Computer Ads Which Will Make You Compare Today and Past

Since “ginormous” is a banned word this year, I couldn’t wait to use it immediately in my post. It’s the first word I thought of when I saw this image of what looked to be the largest CD player in the world. So it’s probably some kind of data machine, early computer of sorts. But doesn’t she seem confused as to where to put the giant CD? There’s only one spot it could possibly go lady. And what do you put in that unusually long pocket on her jumper? Pens? Hair curler? Hmm….

A collection of 20 black and white retro photos showing office girls in the past.

How six young women became the world's first computer programmers

ENIAC unveiling ENIAC‘s creators show it off in public. Presper Eckert and John Mauchly are in the foreground. Their Army liaison officer, Captain Herman Goldstine, is between the two women programmers.