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They came out of the mist on an icy wind, and froze the blood of weaker men. -A drakkar, the Viking ship-of-choice, so named for the dragon head carved onto the prowl.

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euthanasia-for-mankind: “Drakkar” - the Viking longboat. Vessels very similar to this landed on North American shores (they called it “Vinland”) 500 years before Columbus discovered El Salvador

By Periklis Deligiannis Dragonhead on the prow of a Viking longship. . The historical districts of Scandinavia. The following probable tribal districts are noted among others:  Uppland (political c…

Beginnings of the Viking peoples: The Scandinavian peoples and tribes from the Vendel Period to the Viking Age

The Vikings were not the first people to build ships but they did build the best ships anyone had made up to that time. Viking ships often had Dragons heads mounted on the bow to scare off sea monsters.

Hilt of a Viking Sword - Found at Hedeby, Denmark, 9th Century

Hilt of a Viking Sword C, Hedeby, Denmark. Weapons and armour were huge status symbols. Vikings gave their ornate swords names like Legbiter but when a warrior died in battle his sword was ritually killed too – bent double, and interred with him.

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Leif Erikson made the journey to North America 500 years before Christopher Columbus was born. And yet Columbus gets all the credit.I sense discrimination against the Vikings.