I like the spin offs to the edge of the page. I CAN LEARN TO DO THIS!!

Receiving a hand-written letter is awesome, but would you say that some things are not better than the anticipation at reading the address on a hand-written envelope before reading the letter. It's all about the envelope, pen pals.

this is so important! imitation will only take you so far, after that you start to blend. get up and out and do what we cannot!

Don't waste time looking for your style. The truth is you already have it. You may just need to create more in order to see it." // hand lettering by Lindsay Letters - Quote, Typography

White Modern Calligraphy | A Fabulous Fete

My New Secret Weapon for Addressing Envelopes

Contemporary calligraphy by Erica McPhee Paperwhite Studio #modern #moderncalligraphy

paperwhitestudio: Contemporary Pointed Pen & a Give Away I thought you'd like these fonts for something for the wedding 😊

with directions, free font to work off of, etc.  use with "fancy" font

how to create fake calligraphy (tutorial + practice worksheets)


13 New Calligraphy Fonts Alphabet Printable Images - Printable Calligraphy Fonts, Free Calligraphy Fonts Letters and Calligraphy Alphabet Font Script