I like the spin offs to the edge of the page. I CAN LEARN TO DO THIS!!

Receiving a hand-written letter is awesome, but would you say that some things are not better than the anticipation at reading the address on a hand-written envelope before reading the letter. It's all about the envelope, pen pals.

How to Clean up Your Hand Lettering in Photoshop

i'll use this when i learn photoshop.A Beginner's Guide to Spiffing Up Your Hand Lettering in Photoshop via James Ketsdever.

Calligraphy Envelopes Wedding Invitations Custom. $1.50, via Etsy.

Envelope Addressing / Calligraphy for Envelopes / Professional Calligrapher / Addressing Envelopes / Wedding Envelope Address

Crafts and thangs

Source for vintage stamps? Vintage stamps and proper paper are the perfect way to continue the overall theme and color palette in an invitation suite.

Envelope Calligraphy - White Watercolor on Kraft

Watercolor | Calligraphy