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The Water Discus Hotel planned for Dubai by Deep Ocean Technology will be the world's largest underwater hotel.

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Photos: underwater hotel/casino concept for Great Barrier Reef

It may look like the high-tech lair of a James Bond villain, but this futuristic hotel could one day rise from the waters of Australia's Great Barrier Reef. Developed by European firm Deep .

Hydropolis Underwater Hotel Dubai

Architects of Deep Ocean Technology have created this conceptual design of an underwater hotel. Its called the Water Discus Underwater Hotel and it should be built in Dubai. Architects of D

NLE's floating school casts anchor in Lagos Lagoon

NLE's floating school casts anchor in Lagos Lagoon

This floating school on a Nigerian lagoon by architecture studio NLÉ is one of the project nominated for Designs of the Year awards.

Insanity--scariest of the three rides on top of the Stratosphere.

Ride the Rides on the Stratosphere in Las Vegas! the rides are at the very top of the builiding and facing down all of las vegas cool !

Green Building in Korea

Living roofs -- also called vegetative or green roofs -- are growing in popularity in the U. and are already popular in Europe. See some of the most stunning examples of green roofs in the world.

La piscine du complexe Necker Island sur les Îles Vierges britanniques

Photos : les plus belles piscines du monde

cape coral florida - Google-Suche

cape coral florida - Google-Suche