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Hackovanie Crochet

Child using a basket as a dog carrier on her bike. Love how the girl and her dog "pop" against the blurred background. Cute girl and dog. Love the bright red hat, tricycle, and dog's collar in contrast to the neutral colours of the rest of the picture.

Finding Neverland | go4photos: Rainy Day by JakeOlsonStudios

I want a picture like this someday. (Photograph Rainy Day by Jake Olson Studios) Reminds me of Robert and John when they were little.

A compilation of colourful photos that are of interest to me.


I want my wedding photographer to take a picture of my flower girl blowing flowers! so cute! Have girls throw baby's vreath

Beautiful babes

Calyssa and Carys- Praya's twin sisters. Calyssa has teal eyes. Carys has lime green. Sharing the colors of their older sister (Praya's) two different color eyes.

Take me for a ride.

Both kids and animals are adorable but nothing is more cute than kids that are best friends with their pets.

Si belle et si mignonne

"A Puppy Held Tenderly." ༻♡༻¤ ღ รฬєєt รย๓ἶ ღ ¤ ༻♡༻ ღ☀ჱ ܓ ჱ ᴀ ρᴇᴀcᴇғυʟ ρᴀʀᴀᴅısᴇ ჱ…


When I was a little girl, I wanted a dress just like this, and a tricycle and red boots. and of course a field of flowers. I would day dream about these things, and somehow the days were sunnier and the nights less filled with terror~


Mirai-chan, a little girl in Sado, Niigata, Japan © Kawashima Kotori 未来ちゃん - So Cute! Japanese child ready to participate in a festival (matsuri)

Awwww.... I don't have kids but all the babies in the wheelbarrow would be cute idea. Rachel

McCall you still have rob's wheelbarrow? Let's take the kids to Frontier Park this weekend :) Fall pic idea

Teddy Bear on my vanity, May 2014 – EK (tricolor Cavalier King Charles Spaniel)

Teddy Bear on my vanity, May 2014 – EK (tricolor Cavalier King Charles Spaniel)