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Hot Blond Hooker Defends Father-Son Pimp Team Accused of. Well, Pimping Of Course.

This soo reminds my of my friend Katie!!

I can tell…

Funny Friendship Ecard: your sarcastic undertones, rude comments and sheer lack of common decency, that we're going to be best friends in no time.

I work harder than an ugly stripper. This is so-o wrong, but it's so-o funny.

which is why I need to go to the tanning bed....

Free and Funny News Ecard: Tan Fat always looks better than Pale Fat!

Lmao woody looks like he gona go sit in fedal position

Those are Andy's mom's toys, they have the same name as we do. - this made me laugh much more than I should have.

Right on Kermit. Even a puppet is smart enough to know the truth about Obama the puppet !