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Located in Iran’s East Azerbaijan Province, Kandovan is a mysterious thirteenth century village.

Waterfall house. Thi nature love

Waterfall house. Thi nature love - waterfallslove

Glass Beach California

The lable said, "Glass Beach, Fort Bragg, California. I've been here! So cool,it really looks like this!not sure if it's at Fort Bragg or in California. Fort Bragg is not in CA!

This modern and energy-efficient 15,000-square-foot home is built within a sandstone cave in Festus, Missouri. The home features modern interiors that blend with the natural unfinished sandstone walls. Thanks to geothermal heating and clever design, there is no need for air conditioning or a furnace to heat/cool the home.

10 Amazing Underground Homes

culfa  qala

Medieval walls around St. Stephanos Church in Jolfa, iran

And this is the Comfort of the Good, That the grave cannot hold them, and that they live as soon as they die. For Death is no more than the turning over from time to eternity.    They that love beyond the world cannot be separated by it. Death cannot kill what never dies.Nor can spirits ever be divided that love and live in the same Divine Principle, the root and Record of their friendship. If absence be not Death, neither is theirs. -William Penn, 1693 (image from Lolbrary.com)

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L'architecture de Sar Agha Seyyed en Iran est unique. Les bâtiments ont été construits dans la montagne et sont reliés entre eux. Cours et toits servent de zones piétonnes.


Stone House, Portugal  This amazing building Stone House was built in Fafe mountains in Portugal. Two stones connected together have made a strange but beautiful-looking house.

Top 10 Strangest Buildings in the World - Stone House, Portugal. Located in the Fafe mountains of northern Portugal, A Casa do Penedo, or "the House of Stone," was built between four large boulders found on the site.

Completed in 2012 in Silgueiros, Portugal. Images by Hugo Carvalho Araújo, Carvalho Araújo. I Answering the request for the conception and design for a Gourmet Restaurant, we developed the project with the idea of a Guesthouse,...

De Lemos / Carvalho Araújo

This Portugal guesthouse with restaurant focuses on connecting to its adjacent vineyard. De Lemos / Carvalho Araújo, Arquitectura e Design

An ancient, Armenian monastery (Credit: Daniel Noll)

Iran’s province of surprises

Iran’s East Azerbaijan is full of secrets, including rock-cut villages, ancient Armenian monasteries and the world’s largest covered market.

extraordinary exotic houses in beautiful places | likefun.me

23 of the weirdest, coolest, and most flannel-friendly houses built into nature.

Troglodyte Village of Kandovan – Mianeh, Iran - Atlas Obscura

Troglodyte Village of Kandovan

Discover Troglodyte Village of Kandovan in Mianeh, Iran: Modern-day cave dwellers carve elaborate homes out of volcanic debris.