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The Bureau of Communication - Official Notice Formal Apology fill-in--the-blanks

Ministry sends dementors to Hogwarts.  Ministry sends Umbridge to Hogwarts.  Yep, that's symmetrical although a bit insulting to the dementors if you ask me.

“Harry Potter is symmetrical. Not just symmetrical - this is ring composition, favoured by Homer and other good writers. The book is at the centre of the ring. JK Rowling knows her beans.


hehe portal to jotenheim -- 'why is loki in the fridge', my eyes are watering it's so funny.

Best of the Harry Potter fandom part 2 - Imgur

Harry Potter fandom posts part 5

Best of the Harry Potter fandom part 2 - Imgur

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~ON HIATUS~Alfred forces the family to apologize to each other via letter. Feel free to submit your own apologies, ex.


Type: Text Conversation, Anime(s)/Show(s): Marvel, Character(s): Random, Comment: Oh my gush! I want someone to text me this!

So me

Attempts at meeting Loki xD I think Loki wouldn't be so cynical, annoyed or act so ignorant. I think Loki would banter right back hehe that's part of his appeall.

ah, ah, ah, ah, barely stayin' alive

The Doctor Who fandom has been around for years. They're used to a hiatus. The Sherlock fandom has been driven insane by Moffat/Gatiss in ways that Doctor Who has not. That's why other fandoms just don't get the Sherlock predicament