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PHOTOS: David Tennant By Ellis Parrinder Three previously unseen photos of David Tennant released by Ellis Parrinder from a photoshoot in

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River Song: Pretty Boy, with me I said.// The Doctor: Oh, I'm Pretty Boy? Oh, that came out a bit quick.// The Doctor: Pretty?

David Tennant   Pic: Ellis Parrinder

"Nerd guys look at the this picture and see the Doctor; Nerd girls look at this picture and see the Doctor and their future huband." - and some of the guys I am guessing.

I love this quote by David Tennant; this is pretty much my number one feeling all the time...and he said it perfectly

I find this so beautiful. As soon as you think you're good enough, sweet enough, have done as much as you can do, you stop trying. And when you're not trying, you stop being any of those things. Right here is why I love David Tennant.

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A new wave of Internet rumours have linked David Tennant's name to the proposed Justice League movie in the role of Plastic Man The so.

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Doctor Who: The Doctors

Doctor Who; David Tennant, pictured as The Doctor in a publicity image for the BBC science fiction show. LOVE THE COAT!

David Tennant singing Pirates of Penzance.  I'm starting to wonder if there anything this man can't do.

David Tennant singing Pirates of Penzance. He REALY is the model of a modern major general! With his accent= animaniacs, please tell me someone else hears this! (I am in love with David Tennant.

I know I pin entirely too much David Tennant, but I just really can't help it. It's a sickness. One I'm happy to have.

Let's just take a moment to appreciate how awesome ten's hair is in this picture. This man is beautiful!

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