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here we go again with this nightmare plague mask. i must have checked out during the Bubonic; i see these creatures in nightmares all the time. i can almost hear her dress rustling.

The Pierced Man, a circus performer from the 1930s

Vintage Gal: The Pierced Man, a circus performer from the Roger: This is awesome and disturbing.


I know it's not Halloween, but there are scary things all year long. I think it's really hard to find really scary photographs.

Plague masks - In the 17th and 18th centuries, plague doctors had to wear these creepy looking masks to avoid breathing in putrid air, which they believed would cause infection. The beaks of these masks were filled with perfume, such as mint, cloves, camphor and rose.

BB: Masks worn by doctors during the Plague. The protective suit of the plague doctor consisted of a heavy fabric overcoat that was waxed, a mask with glass eye openings and a cone nose shaped like a beak to hold scented substances and straw.

<b>These creepy novelty photos demonstrate that Victorians had a weird sense of humor.</b>

13 Wonderfully Weird Headless Victorian Photographs

odditiesoflife: “ Victorian Headless Portraits The Victorian era has many photographs, most of which show the subject sitting or standing with a stern expression. Since photography was still in its.

35 Unexplainable Photos Of Cats "I've heard of long waits for the photographer to get his photo, but this went too far."

35 Unexplainable Photos Of Cats

Creepy cat - Vintage photograph of weird woman, black cat and a skeleton holding a French horn

Still from 1908 silent Film "Rescued from the Eagle's Nest"

eff the stork. I always told Donnie the stork was bad because he bit him between the eyes! (his little stork bite)

Vintage Halloween-another great pic to print out, place in an old frame and display

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