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that's a moustache

The Emperor tamarin is found across Brazil, Peru and north Bolivia. Its thought to have been named after the Emperor of Germany, Emperor Wilhelm II, due to its long white moustache!

World's Longest Moustache

Ram Singh Chauhan started growing his mustache in and hasn’t cut it since. Today it measures over meters, and the proud Indian man from Rajasthan holds the Guinness record for World’s Longest Mustache.

Wolf's Mona (Guenon) Monkey

The Wolf's mona monkey (Cercopithecus wolfi), also called Wolf's guenon, Congo; lowland rainforest and swamp forest.


Golden snub-nosed monkey - Photo taken by Cyril Ruoso in Zhouzhi National Nature Reserve, China (I don't usually care for monkeys. but this tiny guy is precious.


De Brazza's monkey (Cercopithecus neglectus) is an Old World monkey endemic to the wetlands of central Africa. It is one of the most widespread African primates that live in forests

Stretchy Chimp...these early morning calisthenics are the pits! ;-)

its so sad what we (humans) do to these intelligent loving creatures, please stop buying products that still do animal testing PLEASE,PLEASE, PLEASE! I BEG OF YOU.

Tití Emperador, Llama la atención su mostacho. Los titíes emperadores son animales sociales y de compulsiva conducta sexual. Viven en el centro de sudamérica. La gente suele pensar que los monetes son divertidos. Es mentira. Suelen ser pesados y violentos. Y huelen a culo. Además, cuando se te suben a la cabeza te tiran de los pelos.

Emperor tamarin monkey (Saguinus imperator) at Marwell Zoo in Hampshire