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Abandoned Mansion, Northern Virginia- lovely forgotten home. You can almost imagine hearing LIFE in this room.

Abandoned Victorian greenhouse. I would be looking for these for my home. Refurbish and bring it back to life!!

Most little girls dream of white picket fences, this had always been my dream. So beautiful - Abandoned Victorian glass house - what a cool greenhouse this would make!

Abandoned library. The loss is staggering to me, It cries out, don't forget. Waiting to be reclaimed to renewal, one day, one glorious day.

A Tree grows in an Abandoned Library. The loss is staggering to me, It cries out, don't forget me. It sits here waiting to be reclaimed and revived one glorious day.

There’s something beautiful in those old abandoned buildings. I admit: old abandoned buildings are amazing, and I’m not the only person that thinks this way.

Castle in Versailles, France Italian villa architecture decay ruins abandoned buildings places architecture decay ruins abandoned buildings .

Abandoned Greenhouse

A greenhouse could be of pvc and plastic sheeting. This was a proper conservatory. I will never afford myself.

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Imagine your new office once this room was brought back to life! Abandoned room in the Villa Amelie.

Abandoned...this looks like the house in The FIght Club...

"Abandoned House in *Kimry (Tver region), Russia*" -- [The most interesting thing is to see in Kimry is this old wooden house built in late - early century. It is probably the most famous house in Kimry - is almost a symbol of the city.

Abandoned Farm Houses by Niki Feijen | Photographist - Photography Blog

Family life frozen in time: Eerie images of the abandoned farm houses where even the beds are still made Photographer Niki Feijen specialises in urban exploration; capturing boarded-up buildings and decaying farm houses

Forgotten Mansion....Abandoned? Yes!  But there is something so beautiful about it's solitude.  I don't believe that empty houses are ever truly empty!  Haunted?  Maybe, maybe not.....but never empty or alone!

Abandoned Renaissance Faire, Fredericksburg, Virginia makes me think of the burrow on harry potter