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Caravaggio Medusa (Detail) Oil on canvas mounted on wood 55 x 60 cm x Galleria degli Uffizi (Florence, Italy) ___ In Greek myth, Perseus used the severed.

Poeti contemporanei: Marco Ceriani – Profezia privata

''Medusa'' Artist: Caravaggio Completion Date: Style: Baroque Genre: mythological painting Technique: oil Material: canvas Dimensions: 60 x 55 cm Gallery: Galleria degli Uffizi, Florence, Italy

Elegant Medusa pin. She is often depicted with wings to the side of her head in Greek and Roman artwork.

Head of the Gorgon MedusaLate Century Czechoslovakian brooch, gold, jasper, and crystal. // This piece of art shows how Medusa's features captured the attention of the art and fashion cultures and how many wanted to wear the snakes of Medusa as headwear.

Caravaggio dipingeva con l'aiuto delle lucciole e delle mummie

JUDITH:Bible Heroine who saves her people from death

Detalle de "Judith y Holofernes",de Caravaggio

'Stay away from the light' knitwear / moth story. beautiful dramatic Caravaggio style lighting Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio: Judith and Holofernes

The Calling of St Matthew by Caravaggio

Calling of St. Detail showing the face of Jesus Christ. Contarelli Chapel in the church Saint Louis des Francais de Rome.

This might be the coolest finding ever in the history of painting and photography.

Caravaggio used 'photography' to create dramatic masterpieces

Caravaggio ~ Supper at Emmaus ~ 1601 ~ Oil on canvas ~ National Gallery, London. Caravaggio included himself as the figure on the top left.

Understand the Big-Hearted Pope -- Francis

Understand the Big-Hearted Pope -- Francis

CARAVAGGIO. One of my favorites that we learned about in art history. He's…

One of my favorites that we learned about in art history. He's insane . Medusa by caravaggio