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IKEA - SKURAR, Závesný kvetináč

SKURAR Závesný kvetináč, sivobiela na von/dnu, krémová

SKURAR Jardinière suspendue  - IKEA - 5,50 € (12cm) Référence de l'article :  901.860.94

SKURAR Jardinière suspendue, blanc cassé intérieur/extérieur, blanc cassé

SKURAR Hanging planter, off-white indoor/outdoor, off-white - IKEA

loved this from IKEA.be

JORDNÖT Hanging planter IKEA A plastic inner pot makes the plant pot waterproof.

IKEA - SKURAR, Macetero colgante

SKURAR Macetero colgante, hueso int/ext, hueso

SKURAR Hanging planter, off-white indoor/outdoor, off-white - IKEA

SKURAR Jardinière suspendue  - IKEA

SKURAR Jardinière suspendue, blanc cassé intérieur/extérieur, blanc cassé

IKEA - BITTERGURKA, Macetero colgante, Cuelga las hierbas aromáticas cerca de una ventana y cuando las necesites llévatelas a la cocina o a la mesa para disfrutar de hierbas frescas al momento.Para crear un jardín vertical cuelga un macetero para plantas sobre otro con ayuda de la barra inferior.Se puede plantar directamente en la jardinera o colocar dentro plantas en maceta.

BITTERGURKA Macetero colgante, blanco

IKEA - BITTERGURKA, Hanging planter, Hang your herbs by a window, then unhook and bring to the table or cooking pot for fresh herbs with every meal.To create a vertical garden, hook one hanging planter to the next by using the bar underneath.

M has wanted one of these forever. ARV BRÖLLOP Cake stand with lid - IKEA

ARV BRÖLLOP Cake stand with lid, clear glass

IKEA - ARV BRÖLLOP, Cake stand with lid, The cake stand is a festive way to serve pastries, cheese or cakes.

ANVÄNDBAR Filet pour pot de fleur - IKEA

IKEA - ANVÄNDBAR, Hanging plant holder, Handmade by a skilled craftsperson.Keeping plants indoor gives better air quality at home, as plants add oxygen and moisture.

Plante, ghivece şi suporturi plante - IKEA

IKEA - TOMAT, Spray bottle, You can adjust the water jet from a hard to a soft spray.

Macramé plante cintre / 34/1/8 pouces cordon de par MangoAndMore

Macrame Plant Hanger / 40 inch long / plant holder / hanging planter / braided cotton cord / modern macrame / home decor / bohemian

IKEA PS 2014 Étagère serre  - IKEA 32€

IKEA IKEA PS 2014 greenhouse Provides a good environment for seeds to sprout and plants to grow.

We've said it here before: plants bring life to all living spaces. If you're concerned about killing plants, we've consulted with a plant expert, Debra Prinzing, to bring you the hardiest ones.

5 Hard-to-Kill Houseplants

An all-white bedroom, a disco ball, a beautiful window and a mother-in-law& tongue plant in a white Mid-Century Modern planter

IKEA - ASKHOLMEN, Trellis, The trellis makes it easy to decorate your walls with plants outdoors, and gives them the support they need to grow tall.You can mount the trellis vertically or horizontally and adjust it in height or width to perfectly suit your outdoor space.For added durability, and so you can enjoy the natural expression of the wood, the furniture has been pre-treated with a layer of semi-transparent wood stain.

ASKHOLMEN Trellis, gray-brown stained gray-brown

IKEA - BARSÖ, Trellis with base plate, The trellis with base plate helps support potted climbing plants.You can create a cozy, private outdoor space by covering the trellis in plants.