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The result of photographer Charles Freger’s months traveling in Europe researching costumes and customs. “more than actual carnivals or folklore, what I was trying to represent was the community of.

farmwitch: “Charles Freger photographed and travelled through 19 countries to collect this stunning collection of photos of European Pagan Rituals surviving to this day.

Astonishing pictures of 21st century pagan ritual garb from all over Europe | Dangerous Minds

Wilder Mann: Cerbul din Corlata, from the book: Wilder Mann

Bulgarian Kukeri festival, day of monsters | what are the true origins of this festival?

Those are called "Kukeri". Ancient Bulgarian tradition to remove evil spirits! Do you have this kind of tradition in your country?

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Wilder Mann photographer Charles Fréger book explores ancient traditions of tribal Europe

His series Wilder Mann runs a legion of both years and countries in relentless pursuit of the mythological “Wild Man”. Ritual and folklore are married in a celebration of life, death, fertility, and the cycle of the seasons.

Wearable Soundsuit Sculptures by Nick Cave

Wearable Soundsuit Sculptures by Nick Cave

Charles Fréger From the series 'Wilder Mann' Sauvages, Le Noirmont, Switzerland, 2010-2011 Inkjet Print © Charles Fréger, Courtesy Yossi Milo Gallery, New York

11 Surreal Pagan Rituals Still Practiced Today

Charles Fréger From the series 'Wilder Mann' Sauvages, Le Noirmont, Switzerland


Photo series on traditional wild man costumes by Charles Fregér