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The result of photographer Charles Freger’s months traveling in Europe researching costumes and customs. “more than actual carnivals or folklore, what I was trying to represent was the community of.


Charles Fréger's remarkable Wilder Mann project, documenting actual pagan costumes and rituals from 18 (and counting) European countries

farmwitch: “Charles Freger photographed and travelled through 19 countries to collect this stunning collection of photos of European Pagan Rituals surviving to this day.

strange festival of Europe

Day Charles Frégers Wilder Man and rituals away from the shores of albion.

Astonishing pictures of 21st century pagan ritual garb from all over Europe | Dangerous Minds

Wilder Mann: Cerbul din Corlata, from the book: Wilder Mann

Wilder Mann

Charles Freger, Wilder Mann, Photographer Charles Fréger travelled to…

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The central and eastern Alps of Europe are rich in folklore traditions dating back to . Originally, the word Perchten (plural of Perchta) referred to the female masks representing the entourage of an ancient goddess, Frau Perchta, or Pehta Baba

With Bells On

Pagan festivity costumes, Silvesterklausen, Switzerland (photo credit Ruth Bernegger, via fotocommunity.

Wilder Mann photographer Charles Fréger book explores ancient traditions of tribal Europe

His series Wilder Mann runs a legion of both years and countries in relentless pursuit of the mythological “Wild Man”. Ritual and folklore are married in a celebration of life, death, fertility, and the cycle of the seasons.


thephotoregistry: “Careto de Lazarim, from Wilder Mann, Charles Fréger ”

Perchten_Werfen_Austria-Wilder Mann_Charles Fréger

Wilder Mann 2010 © Charles Fréger - I think this fellow will be in my dreams tonight

A French photographer’s images serve as a colorful encyclopedia of figures of…

An Island of Monsters from Japanese Folklore

Namahage Ashizawa, Oga, Akita Prefecture, from photographer Charles Fréger’s new book "Yokainoshima: Island of Monsters", about real performers that dress up as spirits and ghosts for local festivals in Japan

Charles Fréger.

the-absolute-funniest-posts: “ likeafieldmouse: Charles Freger - Wilder Mann - A series exploring human fascination with myth, ritual and tradition cool as shit ”

Theatre costume        Date:        2004 (made)      Artist/Maker:        Barrow, Amanda (maker)      Mar, Kam Chu (maker)      Adams, Martin (helmet, maker)      Mawby, Richard (wig, maker)      Sparks, Ann (maker)      Wall, Keith (maker)      Long, William Ivey (costume designer)      Academy Costumes Ltd (theatrical costumiers)      Materials and Techniques:        Stockinette, organza, chiffon,. lamé, diamanté, artificial jewels, beads, plastic, hair, ostrich feathers, foil, leather…

Theatre costume

Costume for a showgirl dressed as a Valkyrie, designed by William Ivey Long for the London production of Mel Brooks's musical The Producers, Theatre Royal Drury Lane, Museum Number to