Z - Erté

z: from erte’s alphabet suite . i think i copied every letter when i was learning to draw.

Enchanted Melody by Erté (Romain De Tirtoff) (1892-1990, Russia)

Enchanted Melody Romain de Tirtoff (Russian-born French, Art Deco, known by the pseudonym Erté. In he began an association with Harper’s Bazaar by designing covers of each of their magazines for the next 22 years.

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Romain de Tirtoff, known by the pseudonym Erté was born the 23 November 1892 in St. He was an amazing talented artist and designer, who flourished in an array of fields, inclu…

Hilarious Genji art :)

Whelp some matches really do feel like that. I should start doing some proper Overwatch fanart Overwatch - Genji meme