Empire's Iron Man 3 cover. Looking good, Robert Downey Jr!

Check out Robert Downey Jr.in Tony Stark' Mark XLVII armor on the cover of Empire Magazine's April issue. The film is really emphasizing the battle damage in its promotion of the third Iron Man outing.

War Machine

Sideshow Collectibles and Hot Toys are proud to present the scale War Machine (Special Version) Limited Edition Collectible Figure. The movie-accurate War Machine Collectible Figure is highly deta

Phantom City Creative

A inadvertent companion piece to Kevin Tong’s Iron Man print seen above, Phantom City Creative’s take on Iron Man 3 involves all the suits employed by Tony Stark in his cinematic history, many of which seem to exist in this new movie.

IRON MAN 3 Trailer, Interview with Marvel President Kevin Feige #DisneyOzEvent #IronMan3

IRON MAN 3 Trailer, Interview with Marvel President Kevin Feige #DisneyOzEvent #IronMan3

Making the Iron Man Suit and Arc Reactor - An Inside Look - A discussion with Russell Bobbitt, Iron Man 3 Prop Master, and Chris Swift, Legacy Effects On Set Coordinator

Ironman 3 Photo Mug Gourmet Tea Gift Basket

Ironman 3 Photo Mug Gourmet Tea Gift Basket

Iron Patriot

Iron Patriot, a.a Norman osborn,leader of the Dark Avengers and commander of H.


Check out the official Marvel’s Iron Man 3 theatrical poster in LEGO® form! These iconic characters are exclusive LEGO minifigure replicas found in LEGO Marvel Super Heroes sets based on the much-anticipated film hitting theaters on May

SHELL HEAD by SKY-BOY.deviantart.com

gary martin - It's pretty tough to make comic book characters seem flashy when you take away the vivid colors of their costumes, but Gary Martin still manag.

Iron Patriot

Check out this Iron Patriot poster by Jorge Molina for Marvel's Iron Man 3 from Red Baron!

Iron Man

Don Cheadle is James Rhodes. James Rhodes is War Machine. War Machine is bad ass.