I adore lilacs! They hold a very special place in my husband Brad's heart as well -- they have them all over the place in Western Massachusetts where he grew up.

Andy wants Lilac trees bordering our backyard fence line. Can't wait to finish our back yard project so we can enjoy summer evenings in our backyard ❤️


everyday a different color, beautiful gifs, soft goth, nature. I hope you'll find images here for your taste too.

Syringa vulgaris "Yankee Doodle" - lilacs -  darkest purple, heavy fragrance (8'-10')

French Lilacs - Syringa Vulgaris, Yankee Doodle - how to plant and maintain the plant and how to keep it flowering - via Home Guides


Beautiful Lilacs - Always wanted to grow this in my yard, but the winters are not cold enough in AZ or CA for them to flourish. Enjoyed them during my college years in Utah