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The Rest Stops in Gori, Georgia, by J. Mayer H. Architects:

In the head of the Roads Department of Georgia commissioned J. MAYER H. to design a system of 20 rest stops for the new highway, a thoroughfare that will run through Georgia and serve as a connection between the Republic of Azerbaijan and the.

Heydar Aliev Cultural Center, Zaha Hadid Architects, 2007-TBC // http://www.zaha-hadid.com/architecture/heydar-aliyev-cultural-centre/

Zaha Hadid [Baku, Azerbaijan] Zaha Hadid's Heydar Aliyev Centre wins 2014 Design Of The Year. With the alluring curves of the building and the interesting perspectives its wonder to how architecture keeps changing and becoming more complex.

Gallery of Seoul New City Hall / iArc Architects - 22 ✖️FOSTERGINGER AT PINTEREST ✖️ 感謝 / 谢谢 / Teşekkürler / благодаря / BEDANKT / VIELEN DANK / GRACIAS / THANKS : TO MY 10,000 FOLLOWERS✖️

Gallery of Seoul New City Hall / iArc Architects - 22

Completed in 2013 in Seoul, South Korea. Images by Archframe. The Seoul New City Hall has to be a future shape architecture which goes with the Korea terrain that adapts to the Seoul citizens’ cultural emotion.

Architecture pattern | shadows and silhouettes | surface textile pattern design

Landscape Architecture isn't always about plants - Asmacati Shopping Center / Tabanlioglu Architects - © Thomas Mayer landscape architecture SHADOWS

Hill House Melbourne | Architect: Andrew Maynard (partially underground, earth-bermed house)

Hill House by architect Andrew Maynard nice infographic Sublime accommodation in Melbourne by Andrew Maynard The week begins with this very big favorite architecture. This house called "Hill House" is the work of architect Andrew Maynard . The main idea i

Casas on the edge in Mexico City by Gaeta Springall Architects

facade 243 aphotik: Gaeta Springall Architects designed the 4 Casas houses) project in Mexico City, Mexico. The project involves two towers that each contain two houses that have been built on the side of a steep ravine.

Coloured glass fins of Oxford University Biochemistry Building

Coloured glass fins of Oxford University Biochemistry Building, Oxford, UK. Architects: Hawkins Brown, Built 2008 - easy knock-off = colored Perspex