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Estrega, Ovambrian Elven Paladin of Edthgow, claims her Holy Sword. Last seen leaving Alegrae on Dromond Blacktyde's ship, heading for Vesh and a confrontation with the Niadim.

Lioness - Legend of the Cryptids character concept by Mikael Leger

f Fighter Armor Swords midlvl farmland urban hills forest coastal mountains inspirationofelves: Lioness by mikael_leger, medium, heavy, sword

Land of orumpavouloka

Red in Sad by AliceRose female witch druid warlock wizard sorceress armor clothes clothing fashion player character npc

My character again, I really missed him, and I like draw him with his hair like this because he looks more vampiric and mature (?) xD Just a quick painting I did for a test in Photoshop Ohhh I also...

Empty Heart by Zeilyan dark elf drow vampire prince king nobility royalty sorcerer wizard warlock armor clothes clothing fashion player character npc

23032827_1441446099243356_4302564854855053153_n.jpg (521×960)

23032827_1441446099243356_4302564854855053153_n.jpg (521×960)

This was one of those times when I was drawn to the cover, and the book exceeded expectations.

The Blue Sword (Damar by Robin McKinley. When I was a kid, I was more of a "Hero and the Crown" kind of girl. As a teen, I fell for the romance of "The Blue Sword.