thestuartkings: “ Fetal Skeleton Tableau Century University Backroom Paris Photo © Joanna Ebenstein from The Secret Museum Exhibition Observatory 2010 Morbid Anatomy.

I feel really bad for liking fetal skeletons as much as I do.

Morbid Anatomy: "Morbid Curiosity: The Richard Harris Collection," Through July Chicago Cultural Center: Exhibition Report

The growing human skull

The growing human skull by Sarah-Jane Smith, Wellcome Collection.Front views of five human skulls showing the changes that occur during development and aging. From left to right: newborn, 5 years, 14 years, adult and elderly.

Sagittal Sectioned, Exploded or Beauchened Skulls

Sagittal Sectioned, Exploded or Beauchened Skulls… We are the source.

Beauchene or “exploded skull” is produced as an anatomical study and used primarily as a teaching aid. They are difficult and costly to produce. These skulls were named for their creator Claude Beauchene.

Pitt Rivers Museum, Oxford by sdhaddow, via Flickr

Pitt Rivers Museum, Oxford - nice display, see the tooth collection right at the bottom

Extreme conjoined skeleton

Curious History, L’Enfants Bizarre Three preserved human fetuses,.

I wouldn't mind owning this.

Light Bearer’s Alex CF is many things – an artist, a musician and now the curator of the Merrylin Cryptid Museum, a fascinating collection of unreal specimens compiled by