Viking Dragon Knot                                                       …

Viking Dragon Knot Two dragons fight amidst the unseen air. One has always been chained but Time and time can change. The dragon to be slain and hero prince be adorned as fully King. Prince of the air against heir of peace.

Viking dragons by ~Devilry on deviantART

Norse dragons- the bigger dragon is wrongly drawn, the coils should go under-over-under-over etc all the time! They are drawn in the Urnes-style, which is late Viking age.

Vectors Illustration of Celtic Knot-work B - A Celtic Knot-work Capital Letter B... csp9449607 - Search Clipart, Illustration, Drawings, and EPS Clip Art Graphics Images

Celtic knot-work b. A celtic knot-work capital letter b. vectors illustration - Search Clipart, Drawings, and EPS Graphics Images -

Urnes Thorshammer by on @deviantART

Urnes Thorshammer by ~DarkSunTattoo on deviantART Meant to be a tattoo but I see an awesome needle work pattern

Gorgeous Norse inspired carving....would love a few panels like this for my privacy screen I'm going to build

Gorgeous Norse inspired carving Could have as stiles on wardrobe doors or as 2 side panels