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this is so cute ❤️

Is it bad I ship gay ships.i ship hetero ships too but recently my ships are gay and the belogs to Disney <<<gay ships are yay ships

This is adorable!

This is the cutest thing I've seen all day. I'm Christian, and God may have created humans to be heterosexual, but he is fine with them being homosexual. There are actually multiple gay people in the bible.

this is???? rlly cute i ship them i hope they grow up to stay together cuz so cute??

Holy fucking shit this is legit the cutest fucking thing ever ohmygod <<< yas

Joey Graceffa: Disney Kisses with my Prince Charming! ❤️

Sorry haven't posted in a LONG freaking time, here's a little Janiel kiss apologie

Homecoming for a brave soldier who can finally celebrate with the love of his life. Love is Love.

Photo of US Marine Brandon Morgan being welcomed home by his partner Dalan