Photographer Frank Schott shot the series 12:31. The photographs show the body of Joseph Paul Jernigan (January 31, 1954 – August 5, 1993) who was a Texas murderer, executed by lethal injection at 12:31 a.m. In 1981, Jernigan was sentenced to death for stabbing and shooting 75-year-old Edward Hale, who discovered him stealing a microwave oven. Jernigan spent 12 years in prison before his final plea for clemency was denied. His cadaver was sectioned and photographed for the Visible Human…


A phtographic series, concept by Croix Gagnon, photography by Frank Schott, from the Visible Human Project

Marcel Duchamp descending a staircase by Eliot Elisofon (New York: 1952). Life imitating art.

Artist Marcel Duchamp walking down a flight of stairs in a multiple exposure image reminiscent of his famous painting “Nude Descending a Staircase.” Location: New York, NY, US Date taken: 1952 Photographer: Eliot Elisofon

Not sure of the origin of this photo, but the exposure and Cyrillic storefront in the background really appreal to me.

This image was taken by Alexey Titarenko and the image is from his photo series of the 'City Of Shadows'. By altering the camera's shutter speed, he has captured ghost like images of the people within the fall of the soviet union.